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Career Opportunity at McMillen Engineering, Inc.

We're currently seeking individuals with an interest in building construction and a willingness to learn and obtain certifications to carry out comprehensive plan reviews and rigorous inspections in accordance with the building code established and adopted by Pennsylvania. This encompasses both residential projects, such as individual houses and apartment complexes, as well as non-residential undertakings, including but not limited to commercial buildings and public structures.

A professional path in the field of building inspection at McMillen Engineering presents a compelling and unique blend of practical, hands-on work coupled with the application of technical expertise and regulatory knowledge. This opportunity would be particularly appealing to those who have a passion for problem-solving and enjoy the dynamic nature of fieldwork, which offers the chance to experience different environments and settings.

As a Building Inspector within our team, you'll be involved in a wide array of diverse projects that range in size, complexity, and purpose. Whether you're tasked with inspecting a small residential building that will become someone's dream home, or a large corporate office that will facilitate the growth of a business, each day at work will present you with new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

McMillen Engineering Inc. is not only committed to seeking out the most suitable candidate for the role but is also dedicated to providing the necessary training and guidance throughout the certification process. This ensures that our team members are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to excel in their roles.


If you're interested in a rewarding and challenging career in building inspection, and you're committed to obtaining the necessary certifications, we're eager to hear from you and learn more about your goals and qualifications.


  • Ability to travel throughout western Pennsylvania, and other potential areas, to perform inspections as related to the Pennsylvania state mandated building code

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Understanding of the construction industry and how construction relates to the state mandated building code

  • Ability to communicate clearly with developers, property owners, and contractors on the regulations and requirements

  • Willingness to continue scheduling exams for additional certifications for both residential and non-residential plan review and inspections, based on the Pennsylvania state mandated building code

  • Flexible working conditions based on inspections

  • Ability to work as an individual in the field and work as a team member in the office

  • AutoCAD experience preferred, but not required.

Benefits include:​

  • Comprehensive insurance program for the employee including health, dental, and vision

  • 401 K Retirement Savings Plan

  • Career Development

  • Professional Registrations

  • Paid vacation (5 days after one year of service, 10 days after two years)

  • Major holidays

About McMillen Engineering, Inc.

McMillen Engineering, Inc., a veteran-owned firm based in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, has been providing comprehensive civil engineering and land surveying services since 1977. We specialize in areas such as civil engineering, land surveying, land development, traffic engineering, municipal and county projects, building projects, residential and commercial building code inspection, and grant writing.

Our dedicated team consistently offers high-quality services to both private and public sectors. We are not only committed to advancing our disciplines but also to providing growth opportunities for our employees. Understanding that our team is our greatest asset, we promote a balanced work-life environment.

We are always on the lookout for professionals who resonate with our values and commitment. As a team, we are united by our passion for excellence. We believe in growing together and making meaningful contributions to our field.

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