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McMillen Engineering is committed to upholding the integrity of the civil engineering and land surveying professions while fulfilling the project needs of our clients. We are the eyes and ears for our clients to ensure day-to-day operations remain on task and within designated project procedures. We are able to accomplish these standards because of our focus on:

Preparing ourselves to meet the emerging civil engineering & land surveying needs among our clients and within society

Remaining well-versed in changes to legislation, regulations and permitting requirements

Giving back to our community and encouraging our team to find the value in also doing so


McMillen Engineering, Inc. is a firm that holds the proud distinction of being veteran-owned. We are located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and provide a comprehensive suite of civil engineering and land surveying services. Our expertise spans across a myriad of areas, reflecting a depth and breadth of knowledge in our field.


We offer services in civil engineering, a field in which we have established a strong reputation for our robust and innovative solutions. Our land surveying services are characterized by meticulous attention to detail and precision, ensuring reliable results. Furthermore, we specialize in land development, where we focus on optimizing the use of space and resources for maximum value. Our expertise extends to traffic engineering, where we develop intelligent transport systems for improved road safety and efficiency. Our portfolio also includes various building projects, showcasing our versatility in handling different types of constructions. We have substantial experience in managing municipal and county projects, demonstrating our ability to work in line with governmental regulations and standards. Additionally, we provide residential and commercial building code inspections, ensuring structures are built to meet safety and quality standards. Our landscape architecture services include collaboration between our civil engineers and landscape architects to combine aesthetic and technical expertise and create designs that are practical, accessible, safe, and construction-ready. Lastly, we also offer grant writing services, leveraging our technical knowledge and writing prowess to secure funding for various projects.


"It is the mission of McMillen Engineering, Inc. to contribute toward the advancement of the civil engineering and land surveying fields by providing quality engineering, surveying, and technical services to our clients in an efficient manner while promoting a work environment that offers opportunities for our employees to thrive both professionally and personally." 



McMillen Engineering was established with the mindset to treat every client with professionalism, carry-out every project with integrity, bestow precision in our work, and maintain loyalty throughout the process. Those founding principles remain at the core of our services and in our work environment.

It's how we treat one another.

It’s how we do business. 

Two members of the engineering team standing at table while reviewing and discussing project plans






We believe that education - at all levels - provides growth opportunities not only personally and professionally, but also collectively as a society.

This philosophy led us to several collaborations with community partners to provide informative workshops and trainings for colleagues and local professionals.

In addition to ensuring professional development among our team and within the engineering and surveying professions, we remain involved in educational programs for students throughout Fayette County.

Large conference room filled with attendees during workshop event
Lot calculations from first McMillen project in 1977


Terry E. McMillen, Sr. founded McMillen Engineering Inc. in 1977. It was a rather humble beginning as Terry and his wife, Denise, began by converting a portion of the family room in their home into office space. The early years required long days, a lot of work and dedication as the company grew steadily.

They soon realized the need for an office outside of their home and moved into their first ‘official’ office in Hopwood, Pennsylvania. They stayed at this location for a few years, then moved to the Hopwood Center for more office space. The company’s continual growth led to the construction of a new office building in the Fayette County Business Park on Wayland Smith Drive, just west of Uniontown. It was their 25th year in business and it was a great way to begin the second twenty-five years.

Since 1977, McMillen Engineering Inc. has provided a wide spectrum of civil engineering, but the consistent focus from the first project at Todd Farm until today has been land development. The initial projects were a variety of residential developments followed by commercial/light industrial projects and then large-scale retail developments. As the needs and opportunities of society changed, they expanded services to include infrastructure (water and sewer), design of sewage treatment plants, sewerage collection and water distribution systems, structural design, environmental engineering, and traffic engineering.

Terry McMillen, Sr. and his wife standing together at the ground breaking of the new office headquarters
The McMillen Engineering, Inc. award recipients stand together proudly holding their awards during company annual dinner


- Terry McMillen, Sr.

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