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Vehicles approaching four-way traffic intersection with light signals


McMillen Engineering, Inc. offers consultation and planning on all client projects dealing with the movement of vehicles and pedestrians to, from, and within the confines of a specified site or through a specific area. Our team provides traffic engineering to private property owners, developers, commercial and industrial developments, and government agencies.

Our traffic engineering services include:

  • Traffic analysis

  • Parking studies

  • Circulation and traffic pattern studies

  • Traffic calming

  • Transportation system assessment

  • Highway occupancy permit application (HOP)


At McMillen Engineering, we offer traffic engineering services to help manage and improve traffic flow, safety, and efficiency. Our team of experienced traffic engineers works closely with clients to develop practical and innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

By utilizing industry best practices, we can accurately assess existing traffic conditions and propose changes that mitigate congestion, improve safety, and enhance overall traffic operations.

Traffic Analysis


Traffic analysis is a crucial component of our traffic engineering services. Our team of experienced traffic engineers assess various aspects of traffic flow and operations. We analyze factors such as traffic volume, congestion, safety, and efficiency to gain insights into the existing transportation network and identify areas for improvement.


We gather accurate information about traffic patterns and behavior. Then, utilize this data to evaluate the impact of proposed changes or developments on traffic flow and congestion.

The results of our traffic analysis offer insight into intersection improvements, traffic signal timing, and parking solutions for developers, municipalities, and transportation agencies. This helps them make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to manage and improve traffic conditions.

Contact us today to discuss how our traffic analysis services can support your project and contribute to the development of efficient and safe transportation systems.


Our experienced team of engineers and traffic experts can provide valuable insights into parking demand, utilization, and efficiency to help assess and optimize parking facilities.

We analyze factors such as peak parking demand, parking turnover, and parking space utilization to understand the specific parking needs of your project or area.

Based on the findings of the parking study, we provide recommendations for improving parking efficiency, maximizing the use of available space, and minimizing congestion and parking-related issues. Our team can assist with designing optimal parking layouts and implementing parking management strategies to enhance the overall parking experience.

Our parking study services can help you make informed decisions about parking facility design, management, and improvement. We strive to create efficient and user-friendly parking solutions that meet the unique needs of your project or location.


A highway occupancy permit is a legal document issued by the appropriate transportation agency that grants permission to access and use a highway or road for specific purposes, such as construction, driveway access, or utility installations.

At McMillen Engineering, we understand the importance of obtaining a highway occupancy permit for your project. Our team of experts can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with regulations and requirements set by the transportation agency.

We will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation, including plans, traffic impact studies, and any additional information required by the agency. Our goal is to streamline the permit application process, saving you time and effort.

By working with us, you can rest assured that your project will meet all the necessary criteria and regulations to obtain a highway occupancy permit.

Whether you’re a developer, municipality, or transportation agency, we can assist you in addressing your traffic engineering needs. Our goal is to create efficient and sustainable traffic consultation and planning for our clients and their communities.

Contact us today to discuss how our traffic engineering services can support your project.

Traffic Engineering Projects


Learn more about our services, email us at, or give us a call at 724.439.8110 to discuss your traffic engineering needs.

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