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Aerial view of curved driveway at Nemacolin leading from Route 40 to hotel


As a Southwestern Pennsylvania leader in developing and managing civil engineering design, McMillen Engineering, Inc. is committed to providing sound engineering solutions. Our team consists of several civil engineers who are registered in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia.​

We specialize in:

  • Storm Water Management


  • Water and Sewer Systems


  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments


  • Environmental Engineering


  • Structural Engineering


At McMillen Engineering, our work spans a broad spectrum of civil engineering jobs. This includes everything from hospitality projects, where we provide the structural foundation for your resort amenities, to construction engineering of retail chain development, where we ensure the efficient design and build of your retail spaces.


But our involvement doesn't stop there.


We also handle varying stormwater management, sewer, and environmental needs of municipalities. This encompasses everything from designing effective drainage systems to implementing sustainable waste management solutions.


Our diverse expertise allows us to serve a wide array of sectors, ensuring that no matter the project, we have the skills and experience to deliver superior results.

Civil Engineering Design


When you work with McMillen Engineering, Inc., you can be sure that you’re getting reliable site development design, base mapping, erosion control designs, utility coordination, and landscape plans.


Our civil engineers can visualize a site transformation from its natural shape into an appropriate landform shape, then create a design that meets the specific needs of our clients. We design water and sewer systems, stormwater facilities, and coordinate utilities to ensure the transformed sites function properly but are also cost effective and completed in a timely manner for our clients.


Our civil engineers also collaborate with our in-house land surveying team to efficiently complete all survey prerequisites for your project. From ALTA/NSPS land title surveys and as-builts to topographic, easement, and retracement surveys – our professional land surveyors accurately determine boundaries so that our engineers can keep your project moving forward.


Having our own Building Code Official on-staff means that our team can work through the entire grant-seeking and permitting process for you as well.


This unique service offering eliminates the stress and hassle of navigating the intricacies of securing necessary permissions and funding. By entrusting us with these processes, our clients can focus on other aspects of their project while we ensure all regulatory requirements are met, and potential funding opportunities are fully explored and utilized.


We pride ourselves on adhering to the best environmental practices in all our projects. Our civil engineering team is committed to developing solutions that minimize environmental impact while maximizing functionality and efficiency. This commitment extends from planning and design, through construction and operation, to maintenance and eventual decommissioning. With our integrated engineering approach, we can guarantee that all projects are executed with the highest level of professionalism and technical proficiency.


As the engineering firm responsible for numerous municipalities, McMillen Engineering plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing a wide array of engineering projects. Our primary duty is to ensure that all projects strictly adhere to the prevailing regulations and standards. In our role, we act as the guardians of quality and safety, ensuring that every project meets the rigorous standards expected of public infrastructure.

Our work involves close and constant collaboration with municipal officials from various departments and agencies. We engage in continuous dialogue and coordination with these stakeholders to ensure that all aspects of a project are meticulously planned and executed.

Our involvement spans the entire life cycle of a project, from the initial planning stages to the final design implementation. We also play an ongoing role in the maintenance of public infrastructure within the municipality. This involves regular evaluations and checks to ensure that the infrastructure continues to serve its purpose effectively and safely.

In essence, at McMillen Engineering, we are not merely supervisors of engineering projects. We are partners and collaborators in the creation and maintenance of the public infrastructure that serves and supports the various municipalities we work with.

Civil Engineering Project


Learn more about our services, email us at, or give us a call at 724.439.8110 to discuss your civil engineering needs.

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