McMillen Engineering, Inc. begins any building project with a one-on-one meeting with our client to understand their schedule, demands and needs for their project.  With the approved preliminary design, McMillen Engineering, Inc. proceeds with the final design and construction details. Final design includes floor plan, elevation, standard details, wall sections, schedules, structural design plans, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans.

Our Building Project services include:

  • Building Permit Plans (including building permit application)

  • Structural Design

  • Building Inspections

building projects



McMillen Engineering, Inc. began the construction of a transit facility project with the preliminary concept and assisting with site selection. Upon FACT's site selection in the Fayette County Business Park, South Union Township, Fayette County, PA. McMillen Engineering Inc. performed Site Design, Environmental Planning & Permitting, Municipal & County Approvals, Transportation Planning & Design, Building Design, Utility Coordination & Planning and

Construction Management.

115 Wayland Smith Drive

 Uniontown, PA 15401


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