Civil Engineering

A leader in developing and managing civil engineering design, McMillen Engineering Inc. is committed to providing sound engineering solutions. Our team consists of four registered civil engineers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and one of our Engineers is or has been registered in sixteen additional states.

Land Surveying

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, McMillen Engineering Inc. provides professional land survey services to architects, commercial and industrial developers, private land owners, and government entities.


McMillen Engineering, Inc. begins any land development project with a one-on-one meeting with our client to understand their demands and needs for the development. At this meeting, McMillen Engineering, Inc. will discuss regulatory requirements, timeframe for securing regulatory approvals and/or permits, and discuss any challenges/obstacles that may be encountered based on the initial discussion.


McMillen Engineering, Inc. offers consultation and planning on all client projects dealing with the movement of vehicles and pedestrians to, from, and within the confines of a specified site or through a specific area. Our team provides traffic engineering to private property owners, developers, commercial and industrial developments, and government agencies.

Building Projects

McMillen Engineering, Inc. begins any building project with a one-on-one meeting with our client to understand their schedule, demands and needs for their project.  With the approved preliminary design, McMillen Engineering, Inc. proceeds with the final design and construction details. Final design includes floor plan, elevation, standard details, wall sections, schedules, structural design plans, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans.

Municipal &
County Planning
and Development

McMillen Engineering, Inc. provides professional services to municipal and county governments. Working as municipal engineer and having a member of our staff as a former county planning director, we understand the challenges and opportunities that local governments experience on a daily basis. McMillen Engineering, Inc. does more than just administer ordinances on behalf of the municipality or county.   

Building Code

McMillen Engineering, Inc. serves as a third party agency with Pennsylvania Labor and Industry to provide services to local governments for the issuance of building permits, plan review, and perform the required inspections.

We are certified as:

  • Building code officials

  • Certified inspectors

  • Certified plan reviewers

Grant Writing

McMillen Engineering, Inc. also specializes in grant writing and has secured several grants at the state and federal levels.

As a full-service firm, McMillen Engineering, Inc. offers distinct disciplines to both public and private clients. We are capable of working in just one discipline specific to the project or we can inter-relate the necessary disciplines to provide the complete package of services based on the individual needs of the project and, ultimately, what our client desires from McMillen Engineering, Inc.