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During a routine meeting with this forty-year client, the owner stated how unfortunate it was that the Chataeu Lafayette was not visible upon its approach due to the configuration of the access road.


At that time Nemacolin had two entrances from Route 40 that joined together before it reached the Chateau from the side. 

McMillen Engineering prepared a few design concepts that joined the two entrances into one and completely changed the entrance road alignment so that it approached with the Chateau in full view. 



Originally the parking garage was on a side road with entry at a lower level without any view of the hotel. Our new design provided a bridge directly from the entrance to the top of the garage, which added a full view of the Chateau upon arrival and a stunning view of the mountain upon departure. 


McMillen Engineering designed new access roads to the north of the main campus to be used by delivery vehicles and service staff. This design provided a concealed entrance, whereas previous deliveries and service access were mainly front of the house.


Soon after the design was approved, it was announced that Nemacolin would host a portion of the Bachelorette television show. The client decided that the new entrance should be complete before taping of the show, which meant construction through the worst of winter. The harsh winter weather resulted in sub-zero temperatures on many days during the construction process. Because keeping the soil and concrete from freezing was difficult, heavy blankets were needed to keep the subbase soil from freezing before the concrete was poured. This method was necessary to keep the concrete from freezing before it properly set-up to the desired strength.


This civil engineering project was completed on time with stunning results.


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