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Soil nailing techique being used on slobe stabilization project



Streambank erosion poses a significant threat to both the environment and infrastructure. When left unchecked, it can lead to the loss of land and property, damage to roads and bridges, and negative impacts water quality. Soil eroded from streambanks can also contribute to sediment pollution in waterways which impairs the habitat for aquatic life.

Addressing and resolving streambank erosion issues is of paramount importance. This is not only for the preservation and protection of our natural environment, which is essential for maintaining the planet’s biodiversity and ecological balance, but also for safeguarding our built environment, which includes our homes, roadways, and other infrastructure. At McMillen Engineering, we work with townships, municipalities, and counties to address streambank stabilization and road restoration to ensure a safe and healthier environment for our communities.

Soil nailing techique being used on slobe stabilization project


McMillen Engineering worked with Perry Township on the stabilization of a failing gabion wall and road slope along River Road. Soil nails and steel mesh were utilized to provide custom, long term stabilization to the roadway and minimize erosion into the adjacent stream.

Project scope for the River Road Slope Stabilization included:

  • Permit plans

  • Construction Plans

  • Construction Details

  • Construction Specifications

  • Construction Engineering

  • Bid Negotiation

  • Grant Writing

  • Project Administration


Carr Road is the main access route to the Bethelboro community. Streambank erosion negatively impacted this road, affecting individuals, businesses, the environment, and the water quality of the tributary flowing into Redstone Creek. McMillen Engineering, Inc. secured grants to fund the project which included streambank restoration, a soil nail wall installation, road reconstruction, and stormwater facility installation.

Project scope for the River Road Slope Stabilization included:

  • Base Mapping

  • Stormwater Management Planning

  • Erosion Control Design

  • Construction Engineering and Inspection

  • Grant Writing

  • Construction Specification

  • Construction Administration

  • Bid Negotiation


Learn more about our services, email us at, or give us a call at 724.439.8110 to discuss how McMillen Engineering, Inc. can assist you with your next project.

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