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Educating local residents on the critical importance of stormwater management is a significant factor for several reasons:

  • Environmental Awareness: By providing education on stormwater management, we can highlight the essential role that properly functioning systems play in our environment. This knowledge helps people understand how these systems help maintain the ecological balance by preventing harmful pollutants from getting into our waterways and affecting wildlife and plant life.

  • Regulation Compliance: Providing education on this topic also serves to clarify the duties and responsibilities that residents have under local, state, and federal regulations. This understanding helps to avoid potential violations and the penalties that can come with them, ensuring that everyone is working together to maintain safe and clean water systems.

  • Property Damage Prevention: A further advantage of educating residents about stormwater management is the reduction of risks associated with flooding and water damage. By understanding how to properly manage stormwater, residents can take proactive steps to protect their properties from the potential devastation that can be caused by flooding.

  • Community Health: Last but certainly not least, proper stormwater management significantly lowers the risks associated with waterborne diseases. By promoting a healthier environment, we can help to ensure the overall well-being of our community.

To reduce confusion and extra costs for residents, McMillen Engineering Inc. has developed a set of standards and an application packet for stormwater management. This packet helps residents comply with stormwater regulations at minimal or no cost. It also ensures uniform administration of these regulations and transfers some responsibility to the homeowner.

Moreover, the Residential Stormwater Management Application Packet addresses several issues:

  • It informs the owner about what they need to do.

  • It reassures the township that the owner understands their responsibilities.

  • It provides the adjacent neighbor with an official reference if any on-site problems arise.


We believe this straightforward procedure will resolve many issues, allowing residential structures to be built without delay or extra costs.

Additional details about our stormwater management services and projects can be found on the Municipal & County page.

Please complete the form below to request the Residential Stormwater Management Application Packet. Once the form is submitted, you may be contacted by someone from our office as a follow-up. 

Stormwater Management Application Packet

Thank you for your request to receive the Residential Stormwater Management Application Packet. Someone from our office will contact you soon.  

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