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Welcome To The McMillen Engineering Blog

March 2, 2023

Man standing with his hand on the back of man seated in executive office chair.
Terry McMillen, Sr. (left) and Terry, McMillen, Jr. (right)

McMillen Engineering, Inc. Blog

By Terry E. McMillen, Sr. PE, PLS

Welcome to the McMillen Engineering Blog. The intent is to highlight our leadership position within our industry and within our community by sharing the experiences that we’ve gained along the way with you – our readers.

Some of our upcoming blog entries will include why we support education, how education helps our society, the value of engineers and surveyors within the community and society, why every project is important, the value of long time employees, and the changing nature of our work over many years. The overall purpose of this blog is to provide you with insight into the benefits and value of the engineering and land surveying professions.

McMillen Engineering was founded in 1977 by Terry E. McMillen, Sr. as a general civil engineering company specializing in land development projects. The basic focus of our work has remained essentially the same for over forty-five years. The fundamental elements of a land development project are the same today as they were then- boundary and topographic surveys and analysis, landform design, and design of roadway, water, sewer, stormwater, and environmental protection systems. Although technology has changed the methodology of design, the basic principles of mathematics and science remain. Recent years have also added design for information technology distribution systems.

The nature and needs of society have also changed considerably over time. We will discuss in a future article how McMillen Engineering changed its methods and processes to adjust to the changing needs and anticipated what those needs would be so that we could assist our clients in current and appropriate ways.

We hope that you find our blog informative and inspirational. Informative in understanding more about the type of projects we complete and how those projects affect your community. And inspirational by finding direction that may help guide you or someone you know toward a career path in one of these lucrative fields.

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