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Why We Are Thankful

At McMillen Engineering, we are thankful for the success which has enabled us to provide civil engineering and land surveying services for over forty-six years. Success has allowed us to grow moderately over time and provide a work environment that is casual but competent, providing opportunities for our employees to grow both professionally and personally.

We are thankful for our community in which we serve both professionally and personally. Many of our most memorable projects are those that provided a positive impact for the community. Community service is a vital aspect of community success, and we are thankful to be a part of that success.

There have been many changes over the years within society and our profession. We are thankful that we foresaw those changes, prepared for them, and were positioned to productively serve our clients and provide rewarding opportunities for our employees. Change is invigorating and spurs advancement in all areas of life and work.

We have maintained long relationships with many of our clients. Long relationships result from common respect, confidence, and trust. It is gratifying to look back and recall the instances that produced strong relationships. We are thankful for those relationships and the stability they provide.

Our employees have been our greatest blessing. Most employees have been with us for many years with their tenure exceeding ten, twenty, and even thirty years. Their loyalty is one of the keys to our success. We are thankful for each employee and their dedication. It has been a blessing to share life with our employees observing them as they grow from new employees to key positions within the company. We attended their weddings and watched their families grow. Now some of their children are starting families and having children. We are confident that success will continue for many years. We believe that our relationship with employees is strong because of our priorities of God first, then family, and then work. Work is important but must be kept in proper position with life.

We are most thankful that our Lord is faithful and has guided, protected, and provided all that we needed over all those years. Confidence in our faith and His faithfulness gives us assurance that a changing and unsure future will be faced with joy and thanksgiving.


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