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Newly restored roof of Fayette County Courthouse



McMillen Engineering, Inc. worked with the Fayette County Commissioners on restoring the structural integrity of the Fayette County Courthouse, County Building, Prison, and Federal Building.  

Due to the historical significance of the Fayette County Courthouse, each aspect of the project required approval from the Pennsylvania Historical Museum and Commission.

Exterior, front view of Fayette County Courthouse with bell tower


Multiple renovations were needed to address the age of the structure and/or meet the needs of the various county offices and court of common pleas. 

The McMillen Engineering team cooperated with Fayette County officials and department directors to ensure daily operations were not disrupted throughout the construction process. This was extremely critical during completion of work  at the County Jail.

The project has consisted of repairing the roofing membrane on various portions of the Fayette County Courthouse and Prison; replacing stone window lintels on the Prison; repointing masonry on the Fayette County Courthouse and Prison; replacing the skylight on the County Building; repairing a structural wall in the Prison; replacing the gutter system on the Fayette County Courthouse; and Structural repairs to the Fayette County Courthouse Bell Tower. 


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