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The German Township Board of Commissioners realized the need for their residents to not only have a children’s playground, but to have one that is inclusive for all children. The design phase began with a focus on accessibility and that focus remained throughout the development of the project.

McMillen Engineering, Inc. secured funding for the project, completed construction plans, surveyed the property, and designed the park to include ramp accessibility between multiple swing sets and sliding boards, musical instruments, and even a rock-climbing wall.

Group cutting ribbon at the opening ceremony for an inclusive playground

Playgrounds offer various ways of developmental growth for children—not only physically, but socially, emotionally, and cognitively as well. The German Township Supervisors recognize the need for the children in their communities to have recreational facilities where they can play and develop within a safe environment.

McMillen Engineering, Inc. provided grant writing services and prepared a complete set of construction plans for the German Township Municipal Playground.

The McMillen Engineering, Inc. team was involved in the project from start to finish and helped German Township accomplish their goal of creating and offering an accessible playground for their residents.


As part of the grant-seeking process, we prepared and administered the grant for the park on behalf of German Township. We worked with our state legislators to be sure they were aware of the application, coordinated efforts with the funding agency to request a change in scope after the grant was awarded, and worked through the requirements to ensure compliance with the grant funding agency.


After the surveyors at McMillen Engineering, Inc. performed a topographic survey of the property, our engineering team designed stormwater and erosion control facilities to protect downstream properties from erosion and stormwater runoff.  Our Landscape Architect prepared a layout plan for the park including age-appropriate playground equipment with the proper isolation distances, safety services, security fencing, and parking facilities. 


McMillen Engineering, Inc. serves as Third Party Agency for the state mandated building code, assists with property maintenance, and will work on projects, as assigned, by the Board of Supervisors. Find more information on our building code services.

Learn more about our services, email us at, or give us a call at 724.439.8110 to discuss how McMillen Engineering, Inc. can assist you with your next project.

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