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McMillen Engineering collaborated with various regulatory agencies, the Department of Transportation and individual property owners on the Village of Hopwood Corridor Improvements along the historic National Road between South Union and North Union Townships.


The project resulted in a beautifully-detailed design complete with historic stamped sidewalks, historic lighting, gateway entry signs, planters and benches along the 2.1 mile length of roadway. McMillen Engineering also secured funding for the improvements from various state and federal funding programs. 


The Hopwood Corridor sits along the historic National Road (U.S. Route 40) and is shared between two municipalities.

The residents of Hopwood initiated a project to beautify this main corridor of their communities but wanted to maintain sensitivity to the history of the National Road. Each municipality supported the improvements provided that the properties along the corridor were not adversely affected.

McMillen Engineering served as the civil engineer and conducted monthly public meetings to allow residents and elected officials the opportunity to provide input on each aspect of the project — from conceptual design through construction.

Since the completion of the project, the enhancements along the corridor have been maintained by the Townships, volunteers who reside in Hopwood, and business owners. Various organizations have held events along the corridor which have provided opportunities for the improvements to be showcased. South Union Township even decided to develop a park at the end of the improvements in remembrance of Supervisor Frankhouser who was committed and dedicated to the corridor project. 


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