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McMillen Engineering worked with the National Pike Water Authority (NPWA) to provide water line in Henry Clay, Stewart and Wharton Townships and throughout Markleysburg Borough.

While providing civil engineering design and preparing all required permits for the entire project, McMillen Engineering also worked in partnership with the NPWA, the municipalities, and the residents and business owners in the service area.

Above ground water storage tank standing 115 feet tall


When the National Pike Water Authority recognized the need to increase water supply for multiple residents throughout the four municipalities which it serves, they contacted McMillen Engineering to request a proposal for a solution.


After conducting an assessment of the NPWA's needs and defining structural capabilities, McMillen Engineering established a design for a 115 feet tall, above-ground water storage tank with capacity for expansion of the system.


The tank was constructed utilizing a distinct process which allowed it to be built from the ground upward without the necessity of a crane. This process permitted assembly workers to remain on the ground throughout the construction process and also allowed construction to continue through varying weather conditions.


McMillen Engineering also helped to secure federal, state and local funding for the project. 


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